Heating Management System

My parents have been renovating a large farm since 2014, and throughout the project we have had many discussions about wanting the house to be cutting edge and modern whilst keeping the costs to a minimum.

This is where this project comes in, as many heating control units are very expensive and we have a very large array of underfloor heating zones in a unique arrangement.

My solution to this problem is to use a networked ‘maker board’, such as the Raspberry Pi pictured on the right, running python scripts and a web server to allow the user to manage the heating over a web portal, in a similar way to most network routers. This system will tie into the comprehensive home network that I have also designed.

This project is currently in development where I have a working proof-of-concept circuit, shown on the right, and have conducted some preliminary tests to ensure that the DS18B20 digital temperature sensors can operate on the relatively long lengths of wire in the building.

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