3D Printed Bike Lights

I designed and manufactured a custom lighting solution for my bicycle. Here I could’ve bought off the shelf lights for relatively little money, but the more affordable ones all use disposible AA or AAA batteries which are wasteful and expensive.

I already had a waterproof USB power bank with a suitably bright light on it and I decided to make use of this for the front light and power the rear light using the USB port. The first step was to design and manufacture a mount for the powerbank which would sit on the handlebars, and this is shown in the first picture. It is designed to grip the light’s rubber surface and is a perfect snug fit – the usb port and bung then mechanically lock this in place when plugged in.

I then made a matching rear light using some scrap LEDs from an old GU10 light bulb and a damaged USB cable.

I 3D printed all the components on my Creality CR-10 mini using a combination of PETG and flexible TPU filament. I chose these materials as they have good water, chemical and UV resistance and are cheap. In addition, they also are very resillient materials and are therefore suitable for high vibration applications like on a bicycle.

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