Side Switch is a procedural arcade style game in which you must clear the barriers by directing your cube through gaps in them. The barriers approach you faster the more you pass and one point is awarded for every barrier cleared.

Side Switch was my first large endeavour into Unity, which I had only briefly used and had never been formally taught so had to learn it entirely by myself.

Initially I started programming in UnityScript (a now-obsolete variation of JavaScript designed specifically for Unity) as I had used JavaScript before, then eventually I switched over to C# as I began to find UnityScript slightly limiting. 

Upon completion of the initial concept in early 2018, I uploaded the application onto the Google Play store for Android to gain some feedback from friends, family and acquaintances. This feedback proved pivotal in the functionality of the program as I later introduced an update to fix bugs, improve performance and increase usability.

While the app hasn’t been successful in terms of user numbers, it has been very successful in providing me with a very solid foundation of knowledge for Unity development which I would later build on with the development of Physim.

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